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The latest Passionate About Photography albums were published in March, 2017. Paperback versions as well as inexpensive e-book versions available for instant download are available for each of these publications. Click on the link below for further information on these books, or to make a purchase.

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Ian McKenzie
My name is Ian McKenzie.

As the owner of this site and the associated Passionate About Photography Facebook Page, I thank you for visiting. If you would like to contact me, either leave a message on the Facebook page or if you prefer you can send a SMS to my mobile on 0403 543 827. The Facebook page can be accessed by clicking on my photo to the left or any of the links in this paragraph.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Significant changes were made to the following pages on this site today. Please check them out.

Latest News

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Shoot Protocol for Models

History and Progress

This site was first published in February 2014, and major changes were made to the site in June 2016. These changes reflect personal changes I have made with regard to photography, (more about this elsewhere on the site.) Many pages of photographs have been deleted in addition to updating relevant information. Hopefully the site will now be much easier to navigate. The deleted photos are not lost, I do have a portfolio of my photos on another web site.

An updated background of Ian McKenzie - 10 June, 2016

“Bunny” was the brand name of my first camera when I was a ten year old. It was a cheap fixed lens 120 format camera. After loading a roll of film, twelve shots could be taken before having to reload. Of course there was then quite a wait until the film was developed and printed before the results of the shooting could be seen.

That was sixty years ago, and I have had cameras and have been photographing ever since.

Photography is not and never has been my business. In the past I have on occasions sold framed prints and images, but any money I have received has been a small fraction of the amount I have spent on cameras, lenses and other photography equipment.

Passion” would be a more appropriate term to describe what photography is to me. Although I photograph anything and everything, my preferred genre and technique is portraiture. Perhaps a major reason why I took teaching as a career is because I enjoy being with, working with and interacting with people. Also, I enjoy photographing them, particularly when they are involved in activities where I may be able to capture some aspect of their personalities.

Although I turned seventy in January of this year, I still teach on a part-time basis. As I have already said I enjoy working and interacting with people. And, as long as I believe I am able to make a contribution towards optimising educational outcomes for others, and I enjoy doing so, I plan on continuing to teach. However, over the last few years I have had more time to spend on photography than I did in the past. Up until the end of 2015, I had organised a monthly group photo shoot. The number of people attending these shoots varied from none to twenty plus.

Since the beginning of 2016 I have organised a weekly shoot. The number of models attending these has also varied. I am happy to continue organising and photographing these events, provided they are wanted. Recent statistics would indicate however, that at least some may not be wanted.

All Passionate About Photography photo shoots are listed on Facebook. Click on the link to view the current listing. If you are interested in attending an event or plan on attending, please indicate this in the appropriate place on the event listing. If there is minimal interest in any shoot based on the Facebook page information, a decision will be made on the previous evening or early on the day of the shoot, whether or not it will be canceled. This information will also be posted on the Facebook page.

Always, I am happy to get input for all models and potential models re any ideas you may have for shoots. Here are some of the things I am after as the photographer. Ordinary people of both genders and of all shapes, sizes, colours, ages and any other attribute doing ordinary and/or special things. Props can include pets and/or almost anything else. Venues also can be almost anywhere. One of my favourite shoots during the last couple of years was on a Darling Downs property. So, let your imaginations go on themes, venues etc., then send me a message with your suggestions on the Facebook page.

The page Photo Shoot Schedule which used to be on this site has been deleted, as the information appears on the relevant Facebook page.

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